Reviews and Testimonials

I would like to thank you for creating the mn8. It has really helped my period pain. I am 13yrs old and loved most that it was pink and sparkly, it means that I can where it at school and not feel worried. It has reduced the sharp pains I had and have recommended it to my friend who has had bad period pains too! Thanks sooo much!

Claire xx

ps- My mum suggested it to me!!

Wow! I used to get such pain the whole way through my period, especially at the start and end. I’d embarassingly also be on the toilet often. Now, I get either no pain or slight pain. When I take the mn8 off to shower my pain comes back and then settles down when I put it back on. How can something so simple take so much pain away! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know! Thank you!

Hi there,

I was wanting to write a review.

Every month, I used to have to spend an entire day on the couch with a migrain and vomiting. I was skeptic at first, and my mum was the person who pushed me to try mn8. It’s just fantastic! Although I get the occasional headache, I am no longer vomiting or having terrible migrains each month. I also didn’t want to go on the pill, so this is perfect. Thank you very much!


I bought the MN8 2 months ago and I cannot believe how fantastic this product is. I used to suffer with extreme period pains – the first month I used the MN8 I had no pain whatsoever not even a niggle. I am fast spreading the word about what a wonderful product this is, I cannot thank the inventors enough.

I had suffered all my adult life with debilitating period pain and since having children PMS which has severely affected my enjoyment of life.

I have tried and tested so many tablets and treatments and this small device has literally changed my life.

Within 2mths of using it I have noticed a marked reduction in my PMS symptoms and a reduction in period pains so I can carry on with my day to day life which I couldn’t before!

I am spreading the news about your product and am so relieved to have finally found something that actually works so well and is natural!
Thank you

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 18 months ago and have spent the past 14 months in total agony until I tried MN8. I can’t tell you how much my life has improved and the pain drastically reduced.




I just wanted to be that crazy weirdo who emails just to flip out about how amazing you guys are. My whole (post puberty) life I have had the most HORRENDOUS period pain. In the past I’ve been so sick I’ve had to take days off work, missed an exam and generally been a pretty evil person to be around for at least 1 week of every single month.

My mum used to get the same pain (I think it’s very much hereditary!) and she discovered MN8. I’ll be totally honest I couldn’t see how a tiny device was going to work but I used it anyway ready to tell mum that she’s going senile.

I’m sure you can imagine my reaction…I’m now 4 days in to my period and I haven’t felt a damn thing! You have no idea how much that means to someone who has gone through this for so flipping long.

I’m telling everyone who’ll listen (and even some who won’t :D) so I just want to say