Frequently Asked Questions

What is mn8?

mn8 is small powerful static negative pole device that attaches comfortably and discreetly to the front of your underwear.

What is mn8 used for?

mn8 has been reported to help period/menstrual pain also endometriosis and fibroids.

Is mn8 safe for all ages?

Yes, our aim was to develop a safe and natural product for young girls and women suffering with period/menstrual discomforts. (Including endometriosis, fibroids etc.)

How often do I use my mn8?

For normal period pain mn8 should be worn a couple of days before and during your period.

For severe discomfort mn8 should be worn as much as possible (24 hrs day) through to at least the end of your second period.

For extreme discomfort including endometriosis, fibroids etc mn8 is safe to use (24 hrs day) continuously. mn8.uk.com are proud to work with Endometriosis She Trust charity click here for more information.

Where do I wear my mn8?

Approximately 4 inches below the navel a few inches to the left or right is fine.

How do I attach my mn8?

Separate the small round button from the main pear shape piece. Place the pear shape piece on the inside of your underwear with the curved face against your body. Place the small round button on the outside of your underwear.

Will mn8 help my mood swings?

Yes, it has been reported there has been a reduction in mood swings, depression and anxiety over many years.

Can mn8 help with my acne/facial spots?

Yes, many users have reported a reduction.

Can I use mn8 to help with breast tenderness?

Yes, place the large curved part facing the breast on the inside of your bra with the small retaining button on the outside.

Can I use mn8 whilst taking a contraceptive pill?

No reported counter indications with the use of mn8.

Can I wear mn8 with a coil?

No reported counter indications with the use of mn8 together with the coil.

I suffer with endometriosis can mn8 help?

Yes, women have reported using mn8 has reduced the discomfort. It is important to use (24 hrs) continuously.

Can I use mn8 whilst trying to conceive?

This is perfectly safe. Some women believe it has helped them to become pregnant.

Can I use mn8 whilst pregnant?

mn8 can be used until pregnancy is confirmed. mn8 is advised to be used immediately after childbirth as this has been reported to help to improve the healing process as well as ease discomfort.

Can I use mn8 if I am diabetic?

There has been no report of adverse effects.

I’m a diabetic and use an insulin syringe driver can I use mn8?

Normally diabetes is controlled daily by an injection using a manual syringe, as directed by the GP. However, if you use an automatic insulin syringe driver please check with your clinic due to pending definite research. We believe mn8 should not have an effect.

I have an under/over active thyroid can I use mn8?

There has been no report of adverse effects.

I have epilepsy, is mn8 safe to use?

No reported adverse effects.

Can mn8 be worn if I have metal pins or implants?

This is perfectly safe. All metal implants are non magnetic, and therefore not affected by mn8.

I am taking medication for blood pressure can I use mn8?

No adverse effects have been reported.

Can I use mn8 whilst taking herbal supplements/ remedies?

Yes, this is completely safe.

Who is the manufacturer of mn8?

mn8 is manufactured by LadyCare Lifetime Ltd. In our factory within the UK. We take pride in our research and development.

How long will my mn8 last?

Approximately 5 years.

How do I clean my mn8?

Wipe regularly with a damp cloth to keep fresh.

Can I use my mn8 whilst exercising?

Totally safe however, this is a personal choice.

Can I use mn8 whilst in hot weather or sunbathing?

mn8 should not be affected by heat from the sun.

Can I wear mn8 when swimming or bathing?

This is not advisable please remove.

Can I wear mn8 to the airport?

We have thousands of women that travel daily, it is very unlikely you would experience a problem going through security, please wear your mn8 as normal and take a leaflet with you in case of query.

Can I use mn8 if I have cancer or have suffered with cancer?

Many women have been using mn8 for years without any reported adverse effects on breast, cervical or uterine health including cancer.

I lost my mn8 button do I have to buy a complete product?

Replacement parts can be purchased separately.

Other reported benefits of mn8 –

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Prolapsed uterus
  • Incontinence
  • IBS
  • Reduction in facial spots
  • stronger nails
  • Improved skin tone
  • Increased energy
  • Improved quality of sleep

Detox Period – When first starting to wear mn8 some may experience a slight “detox” effect. Symptoms can include a headache or mild nausea. It will only last for 24 hours, drink plenty of water and it should soon pass.

No Reported Adverse Effects – However, it is very important not to mix other brands of similar products with our products due to different configurations, we do not advise this as it may cause discomfort.